Kennametal Stellite™ manufactures components using a comprehensive range of alloys and process to combat wear in the most aggressive environments. Flexibility allows us to supply components in small or large volumes and either as cast or finished machined to meet our customers' exacting tolerances.

Our components are found in virtually every industry throughout the world, where they combat arduous conditions of abrasion, heat, corrosion, cavitation, galling and thermal shock.

Our engineers will help assist you in selecting the correct alloy and manufacturing process to insure we meet your performance and economical requirements.

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Solid monolithic components are produced from a broad range of wear resistant superalloy materials, or from softer base metal, either by casting (investment, centrifugal, resin shell and sand casting) powder metallurgy or wrought processes. These manufacturing processes are capable of producing final components ranging in size from small ball bearings to components of up to 100kg in weight.