"Stellite®" has been used for 100 years and is still your best choice for the future. "Stellite®" is the original cobalt based alloy and it pays to use the original.
Over many years Stellite has amassed a wealth of skill and experience which enables them to work successfully to solve wear solution problems across a wide range of industries. They partner with numerous and varied design teams to ensure Stellite® remains a provider of leading edge technology solutions. Kennametal Stellite™ manufactures and markets standardised and customised alloys in the following forms:

Cobalt Alloys; Powder, Wire Rod and Electrodes
Nickel Alloys; Powder, Wire Rod and Electrodes
PTA Laser Powder
Spray Fuse and Powder Welding
HVOF and Thermal Spray Powder
Cored Welding Wire
Welding Rod
Welding Electrode
Dental Alloys
Laser Cladding with Kennametal Stellite Alloys
Contact Details:
3/37 Veronica Street, Capalaba
Queensland 4157
Tel: (+61)07 3823 1004
Fax: (+61)07 3823 1005

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The manufacturing of Kennametal Stellite welding consumables spans the globe with strategic locations in the UK, USA and Shanghai, China. Theses consumables come in the form of rod, wire, powder and electrode and can be custom engineered to meet individual customer needs.

Our technical team can offer unparallel customer support and deal with your inquiries. Whether you are already familiar with our product line of hardfacing alloys or are looking for a solution to your wear problem, we want to talk to you.